Control how your life will be remembered and celebrated

myendnotes is a digital planning service that helps record your wishes and instructions as well as your life's stories and memories.

myendnotes will inform and guide you through the process of creating a funeral or other end of life ceremony that does your life justice.

Few of us want to think about our own funeral. With myendnotes & some thoughtful preparation you can make things easier for those left behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

myendnotes is a series of questions supported by information and suggestions that will help you plan a funeral, memorial service or other end-of-life ceremony.  myendnotes includes a comprehensive section on your life's history and can also be used as a site to store your stories and memories.  myendnotes will inform, guide and support you in putting together the end-of-life ceremony that you want.  

How often have you heard someone say "Just put me in a cardboard box", and how often have you actually seen a cardboard coffin at a funeral?  

Now all your wishes and instructions can be documented and stored easily, eliminating uncertainty and disputes for those left behind.

First, do it for yourself. Feel secure in the fact that your funeral service or other end of life ceremony will be carried out the way you want because you have recorded your life story and documented your final wishes.

Do it out of consideration for family and friends.  Documenting your wishes relieves your loved ones of decision-making and searching for information at a time of intense grief and sadness.  It will also eliminate the potential for disputes by clearly stating your wishes and instructions.

Use myendnotes to write the words that you may not wish to speak but need to share. Or use it as an exercise in self-reflection and find satisfaction from the process of reviewing your life.

Use it to start a conversation, give it as a gift and help record the life of a loved one and discover how they want to be remembered and celebrated. 

Do it while you can. Few of us want to think about our own funerals; it is hard enough having to attend them for family and friends.  But some thoughtful preparation will make things easier for those left behind.

30 days access costs $19.95.  This should be enough time to collect and document all the required information.  During this 30-day period, you can access myendnotes to edit or update as many times as you like.  You will also receive reminder messages at 25 days and 29 days that will let you know how much access time you have remaining. You can then print and file myendnotes along with your other important life documents or share it electronically with your next of kin, executor or solicitor, or save the PDF document to Dropbox or OneDrive, wherever you like.

You can answer as many or as few of the questions as you wish. 

If you wish to use the site simply to document your life you may do so.  Alternately you may just want to record your wishes regarding your funeral arrangements.  When you print or save your final document as a PDF only the sections that you completed will be shown.

Once you have completed myendnotes to your satisfaction print a hard copy to include with your other important life documents, birth certificate, marriage certificate(s) if relevant and will.   Alternatively myendnotes can be saved as a PDF and forwarded by email.  Your next of kin, executor, solicitor or trustee should have access to these documents.

No, but experience has shown that requests and instructions around funerals, memorial services, and other end-of-life ceremonies are mostly honoured by those with whom they are left.

myendnotes will help you in planning and registering your wishes and instructions.  It will also answer your questions regarding the logistics of a funeral. 

It will explain the different formats a service may take, the organisation this will require and the process of planning a service.  It will help with suggestions for choosing music, readings and poetry, and provide information on helping you create a unique funeral or other end-of-life ceremony.  

Even if you have already prepaid your funeral, myendnotes is a vital tool to document important details and instructions that a prepaid plan will not.

 myendnotes also provides comprehensive instructions and prompts for writing a eulogy and telling your life story.

Stephanie Longmuir, founder of myendnotes, is a Funeral Celebrant and Consultant who works in Melbourne, Australia. Over the last 5 years she has led over 600 funeral and memorial services and other end of life ceremonies. myendnotes has been developed in response to the hundreds of families she has met who wished they had asked all those important questions of their loved one while there was still time.

This year Stephanie has been invited to the 2015 National Funeral Director's Association International Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, USA where she will be speaking about her work as one of Melbourne's recognised funeral celebrants.  And she can sometimes be heard on community radio co-hosting on Thursday evenings on Melbourne's Joy 94.9FM.

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